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December 06, 2012
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December 07, 2012
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January 11, 2016
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Real Wedding in Venice

Just to think of Venice is to imagine romance of the highest order. Rippling water caressing the walls of the city and gondolas gracefully paddling from one brilliant site to the next, bring glorious ideas of love. Weddings in Italy, with consultants living in Venice, can create your own magical Wedding in Venice in churches, palaces, synagogues, villas still owned by noble families. Regency is the only wedding planning agency which can have your wedding celebrated legally - religious or civil - in an unlimited array of settings. Fabulous rooms in museum and hotels. Gardens, palaces, a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal and villas can be arranged in Venice, Verona and the nearby countryside. Roman Catholic weddings will be performed in the myriad of churches, both large and famous and intimate and quiet. The ability of Regency to provide a celebrant who can perform legal marriages for all Protestant denominations, plus state-approved civil ceremonies takes much worry away from couples. The oldest festival in Venice is called "La Sensa". The mayor and other dignitaries of the city sail into the lagoon in front of the _Church of San Nicolò on the Lido_ and there create a symbolic marriage of Venice to the sea. With water the most important element to mankind, a Wedding in Venice is incredibly significant.
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Civil and religious weddings in Venice

Sight-seeing is an art form for newcomers and seasoned Venice travelers. The Byzantine architecture is dazzling. A gondola ride down the Grand Canal at sunset creates music in your ears and romance in your heart, as you sail past famous churches and houses and go under bridges which connect the neighborhoods of Venice. Regency can arrange your gondola wedding down the Grand Canal. There are five synagogues in the preserved ghetto of Venice, where Orthodox Jewish couples can be married amid ancient architecture and deep connection to Judaism. Wedding performed by Reform rabbis can be in any setting. Regency can provide a rabbi, or in some cases couples arrange for their own rabbis to come to Venice. St. Mark's Square, pictured in all movies and books about Venice, houses the most famous building in Venice, the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark's Church). Great art fills the church, including 43,000 feet of gold mosaics, paintings with precious jewels and ornate statues. Museums abound. Cuisine in Venice is dominated by seafood and restaurants of all stripes are abundant. A series of small streets house the shopping district of Venice call the "Mercerie". Here all kinds of purchases can be made. For lovers of traditional Venetian glass, a trip to the Islands of Murano and Burano, will be unforgettable. A wedding in Venice. Let Regency make it happen!