After economy and marketing studies Paolo Nassi worked in Japan in the fashion business together with two Japanese colleagues. The team operated as strategic consultant of Marubeni Corporation and Itochu Shoji in projects and joint ventures involving the most prestigious companies in the fashion sector, from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana, from Armani to Trussardi. A series of inter-disciplinary consultations in the field of tourism opened the view to broad potentials in niche tourism markets as yet unexplored at that time; hence, the birth of a company specialised in destination weddings in Italy. Paolo Nassi and his colleagues founded Regency in 1987. At the beginning clients were mainly Japanese couple interested in getting married in Italy. Starting from 1995, when Regency San Marino Srl was founded, the wedding planning business began to attract couples coming from all over the world. Under the lead of Paolo Nassi, Regency Group has been growing year after year and it is now the leading company for destination weddings in Italy. Paolo Nassi has been a groundbreaker in the international event design field creating concepts such as "team diffuso (widespread team)" and "quick problem solving". He is also the one who has implemented in the event planning field methods and strategies pertaining to the fashion business and the aerospace field. His creative experience together with the most prestigious international fashion brands has conveyed to Paolo Nassi a special ability in analyzing and developing new concepts and ideas. Nowadays he leads his international team (9 different nationalities) of wedding planners thanks to his inborn interculturalism and artistic sensitivity.



The Wall Street Journal interviewed the general manager of Regency, Paolo Nassi, as the best expert in organizing weddings in Italy.
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Regency’s CEO Paolo Nassi, interviewed by NBC's E! ONLINE
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