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Sarah and Max...Wedding in Bracciano Lake....wonderful castle...

Sarah and Max...Wedding in Bracciano Lake....wonderful castle...
Wedding in Bracciano Lake .... wonderful Odescalchi castle ... charming atmosphere at few km far from Rome ... this magic wedding was combined by the beauty of the couple itself..elegance couple and antique location ... happyness ... Young people come from different parts of the world ... strong and deep feelings at the entrance of the beautiful bride in church ... Followed by the string quartet .... romantic aperitif in the Secret garden full of roses during the month of May and facing on the waters of Bracciano lake ... completely transformed the Court of Honour of the Castle for the wedding lunch...opened doors to the hall of the Caesars for sweet moments and delicious small cakes... great funny with Pizza party in the antique kitchen of the castle with its big and spectacular antique was exciting their dancing in the Court of Honour of the 1400 century and it more

Italian wedding shoes trend

Italian wedding shoes trend

You can never, ever go wrong if you choose the cute, traditional white and cream colored shoes. Classical with no frills. But the attention to the details is the secret to an elegant and original bridal look. And who said that elegance passes only through the white?

Details can really make the difference.

Shoes are no longer kept hidden under the gown as a minor detail. Of course they will have to match with your wedding gown. And the more your dress is elaborated the more your shoes will have to be sober. On the contrary if you have chosen a simple dress then opt for more extravagant shoes.

Exploring new trends on bridal shoes in 2014, it's appropriate to say: "colorful bride, lucky bride". It has becoming a trend, in fact, matching white dresses and more

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