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Have you decided to get married and mother, aunts and grandmothers never stop reminding you the traditions to follow for a long and happy marriage ???

The 5 things bringing good luck and that the bride should wear that day


  • a new thing symbolizes new life that is about to begin, all the new challenges that this will bring with it (for example a piece of lingerie).

  • something old symbolizes the past left behind .The bride must bring one of her objects of the past not to forget the importance of the past in the new path that you go to take (for example a hair clip or a jewel ).

  • something given symbolizes the affection of loved ones who remain close to this transition from the old to the new, a loved person must lend this object
  • a donated more

About the author: Paolo Nassi

Editor in Chief of Creative director and editor in chief of Regency Event Group.

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