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Wedding setting and lighting 2014 trends

Wedding setting and lighting 2014 trends

If you are getting married next year then you should know the 2014
wedding setting and lighting trends.
Password: PLAY!
Play with dressing up your setting, with colors, flowers...The important
thing is that everything is PERSONALIZED!
And what could be better than the right lighting to help you make your
wedding unique?
Lighting can totally change the space around you and transform a simple
venue into a magical place.
Are you a romantic couple? The fairy lights are just the thing for you.
Are you a modern couple? Choose LED RGB lights.
The setting is really important too, and the MUST HAVE for the new 2014
season is VINTAGE style.
Big illuminated canopies, illuminated paper balls, big lanterns, country more

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Editor in Chief of Creative director and editor in chief of Regency Event Group.

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