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Vintage driving Italian style

Vintage driving Italian style
Vintage cars always create the wow effect. Especially when you leave the ceremony location and all your guests are there looking at you, bride and groom. No, I am not speaking about vintage Ferrari or Rolls Royce which are no doubt breathtaking. What I mean now is having a vintage ape car with driver to drive you around for a photo tour. Truly cosy Italian Style! more

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Regency's CEO Interviewed by NBC's E! ONLINE

Regency's CEO Interviewed by NBC's E! ONLINE

Our own Paolo Nassi was interviewed by E! online about the most important things to know when planning a wedding in Italy.

E! wanted more details on how to have a wedding in Italy after Kim Kardashian and Kayne West had their amazing wedding here recently.  So Paolo picked 5 important things to talk about.

1. Picking the Perfect Venue - Since many of the locations here are hundreds and thousands of years old Mr. Nassi suggests that you know there is always some risk of structural failures involved in booking such historical places as these. In addition he urges all couples to always be sure to have a plan B in case of weather - it is great to have a location with indoor options or to rent a tent just in case.

2. Finding the Right Flowers more

About the author: Paolo Nassi

Editor in Chief of Weddings Italy by Regency specializes in destination weddings in Italy since 1987.

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