What will be the cost of a wedding in Italy in 2025 ?


HOW TO GET AN IDEA OF THE BUDGET of a wedding in italy

There are several factors affecting the price of a wedding. First of all the choice of location, the venue, the number of guests and finally the quality of the services. In Italy there are some areas that are definitely much more expensive than others. Lake Como, Capri, Portofino are among the most expensive ones, along with cities of art such as Venice, Florence, and Rome. Less sought-after but still charming areas such as Le Marche, Umbria Piedmont and Sicily, Puglia can grant you lower prices. Of course, it all depends on the choice of the venue: there are places of great value in Sicily or Umbria which offer top quality services at high rates. On the other hand it is possible to find venues with an excellent value for money ratio also in Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast and on Lake Como.


The difference in quality among the various suppliers makes it really difficult to come to an accurate wedding budget in Italy. There are thousands of vendors, from hairdressers to caterers, from lighting companies to transportation ones and the customer often feels caught in a jungle of prices and options from which it's hard to escape. Clearly, it is always a good idea to select local suppliers since transportation costs have a significant impact on final cost of a service. Wedding logistics have an impact on vendor prices also due to potential difficulties in transporting materials from the trucks to the exact location of the ceremony or reception/party, in this cases the need of massive porterage service is essential. For this reason, in villas along the Amalfi Coast or in venues that are not accessible by trucks the cost of a service is always higher respect to the same service in another venue/area.


Our idea here is to give our guidelines for better understanding the different levels of quality/price ration which are possible in Italy. The basis of our analysis is the "value for money" concept viz each quality level has its dignity and must be related to a fair corresponding price. We can identify three different quality levels: medium, medium-high, top-highConsidering a 100 guests party size, an outdoor ceremony, a reception at a location that has its own plan B (therefore no need of a marquee or greenhouse in case of inclement weather):

(a) medium level
The medium level wedding includes all the services which are needed in a wedding; the quality of services is standard, that is, it accompishes the agreed time and manner, and from an aesthetic point of view, it is appreciable. An average level wedding in Italy has a cost that ranges between 600,00 and 1.000,00 euros per person.

(b) medium-high level
The medium-high level wedding includes all the services which are needed in a wedding; these services have a good quality level and some might reach a very good quality level. These are the excellent services: the provider is either a leader in his field or the quality is the best possible. A wedding of medium-high level in Italy has a cost that ranges between 1300,00 and 2000,00 euros per person.

(c) high and top-high level
The high and top-high level wedding includes all the services which are needed in a wedding; the quality of all services is excellent. Providers are leaders in their field and offer unique and unmatchable results. A high and top-high level wedding in Italy has a range of cost starting from 2500 euros per person.

Clearly, the ranges are indicative but they actually reflect what is possible to expect from a wedding in Italy. We absolutely do not recommend relying on service providers who do not offer guarantees and who, for example, ask for cash payments without a corresponding invoice or contract; the risk of suppliers offering a different service than what is agreed or that they do not show up at your event isĀ· very high. In this case it will be impossible to ask them for refunds. We also advise against compromising with prices: for instance, low prices in food corresponds to low quality raw materials and therefore a risk for you and your guests' health. If the budget doesn't allow services which correspond to at least an average level, it might be helpful to reconsider the number of guests, while maintaining a good quality level. It is also good to think about the time of year for the wedding and perhaps choose sometime in middle or low season. Due to climate change now we might habe a warm and beautiful month of October and sometimes bad weather in June, so it is not mandatory to select a date in high season. Relying on a good consultant is the best choice ever, because there are many factors involved and it's not easy to choose among thousands of venues, thousands of suppliers and the unpredictable weather in relation to the different areas of italy.
  • What will be the cost of a wedding in Italy in 2025 ?

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