Bridal Hairstyle

The hairstyle for the bride is as important as her wedding gown. The right hairstyle will highlight the dress and make the bride even more beautiful. Of course, hairstyle is not immune to fashion trends, so here are some suggestions for the 2016 brides!Braids are a must for a bride wishing to be trendy! Just one or a skillful mix of braids. A fishtail braid with small wildflowers will make you a really romantic bride. But even a braid surrounding the head like a headband will be simple and refined at the same time.

  • Bridal Hairstyle
  • For brides loving a simple hairstyle, the perfect solution is the ponytail. You can think of a very high ponytail closed with a strip of hair or a more romantic solution is a low and lateral ponytail, falling softly along the shoulder.
  • Bridal Hairstyle
  •  Have you got short hair? There are many ideas for bridal hairstyles dedicated to women with short hair and you can play with accessories like headbands, hair bows but also veils.
  • Bridal Hairstyle
  • Whatever hairstyle you will choose following to your taste remember that there are some rules to follow according to the chosen dress: if you opt for a high-necked dress, you’d better give light to the face choosing to have your hair tied up. If you opt for a low-necked dress and strapless, have your hair down or half down is the best choice!

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