Bride's personal Attendant

Whether you’ll have a fairly personal affair with just intimate family and friends or you’ll host a big wedding reception with over 200 guests, as a bride you should have a personal attendant!Why should I have a personal attendant?To help you ensure the day goes perfectly so that you can relax and above all focus on the love surrounding youWho should I choose?Most often bride’s personal attendants are close friends or even family members… A personal attendant must have a great attention to detail and impeccable organization skills.She should also be prepared to handle little emergency situations and make decisions on your behalf so no doubt you have to pick the one you trust and are most comfortable with.What I might ask her to be responsible for?Think specifically what you would like her to handle for you and what your priorities are, including all the odd jobs…On a more practical note, she should be your sidekick for the day and help with: Keeping track of what you need to do and where you need to be Fielding messages for you  so your aren't interrupted for every little thing and you don’t even hear about some of the little glitches on the day Transport of wedding gown and attire Helping you dress and hold your make up Making sure you have all you need (jewellery, veil, shoes…) Getting you something to eat or drink before the ceremony Holding a touch-up/emergency kit (including lipstick, pain relievers, a small sewing kit, safety pins, scissors, etc.) Protecting your privacy while you dress up before the ceremony (if you value it) Keeping eyes open on wedding day to see what needs to be done, checked, handled, smoothed over She also has some post-wedding duties (thanks guests for attending, offering to call taxis for guests who need, help to gather any gifts that were brought to the reception and put them in your car or in a family member’s car) Should I involve my personal attendant far in advance before my big day?Yes, your personal attendant should be involved in the wedding planning as much as possible so that she knows exactly your expectations and she sees everything with your prospective but with a more objective envision.You can ask her to go wedding dress shopping with you, as well as help to pick your bridesmaids dresses. She can be with you when meeting photographer, florist, DJ and during your pre-wedding visit to the ceremony/reception venue.

  • Bride's personal Attendant

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