Days and Months

What is the most suitable day to get married according to the superstitions? Monday tradition indicates that brings good health, being dedicated to the moon, star and goddess of the brides; Tuesday brings wealth; Wednesday is very favorable; Thursday brings sorrow to the bride; Friday brings misfortune;  Saturday is considered, by popular superstition, as the unluckiest day in absolute even if it is the day that most couples choose to get married; Sunday, day of the sun, is very favorable.   And the month…? January brings affection, kindness and loyalty; February, ideal month for the loves, is identified as the best possible choice; March brings both joy and pain; April brings joy; May is absolutely disastrous; June is the month dedicated to the Juno, the goddess who protects love and marriage; July announces efforts and work to earn a living; August ensures a life full of changes; September brings to newlyweds wealth and happiness; October brings much love but little money;> November with its sad days, promises joy and happiness instead; December and the snow assure the couple eternal love.  

  • Days and Months

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