SAN MARINO REPUBLIC AND......1.  PALAZZO PUBBLICOThe “Palazzo Pubblico” of San Marino, also known as “Palazzo del Governo” is the seat of the main institutional and administrative bodies. It is also the place where official ceremonies are held in the Republic and where civil marriages are celebrated. ...SURROUNDINGS 2.  CASTELLO DI TORRIANAAn ancient castle overlooking the Valmarecchia region, offers a picturesque view of the lights on the Adriatic coast that extends to the Tuscan Apennines 3.  PALAZZO DEL POGGIANOA rare example of a noble house that, in addition to the beauty of the natural scenery, offers a wealth of environments, all characterized by extreme attention to detail: the evocative and ancient cellars, the cozy and warm rooms with exposed beams and wooden ceilings decorated, the refined elegance of the halls located on the ground "noble" of the house. 4.  PALAZZO ASTOLFIBuilt on the original medieval foundations, Palazzo Astolfi has been renovated and transformed into a country residence. Overlooking the sweeping view of the valley to the sea, the palace is surrounded by a beautiful park. 5.  PALAZZO MARCOSDANTIAncient fortress of the Malatesta family, it is located on a hill and offers a splendid panorama of varied shapes and colours joints. 6.  VILLA DES VERGERSLocated on the hills south of Rimini, the Villa combines the advantages of a central location with quiet and privacy of an old stately residence. It stands on three floors in the middle, and two on the sides. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a bath and a dance floor 60s. 7.  GRAND HOTELHistoric Hotel in Rimini, built in the early 1900 and made ​​famous worldwide by the famous film director Federico Fellini in his film 'Amarcord'. 8.  PALAZZO VIVIANIA castle of very ancient origin that dates back to the Middle Ages, lived, over the centuries, a difficult fate of contention because of its strategic location on the border between the Romagna and Marche regions. Located in the medieval village of Montegridolfo, it offers a magnificent view to the Adriatic Sea. 9.  CASTELLO DI TAVOLETOOn top of a hill, just a few steps from the sea, lost in tranquility, beyond time and space, there is a place in which to immerse themselves in absolute quiet and listen to the echo of his own thoughts. A castle where harmony reigns supreme, a place of charm that reveals the balance of nature, an unique location. 10.  BEACH ON THE ADRIATIC SEADedicated to all free spirits dreaming to realize their own dream of love with their feet on the sand .. under a ceiling of twinkling stars and the smell of the sea, it is an incredibly romantic location for your wedding.

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