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Boudoir photography is a fantastic way to doll up and feel sexy and glamorous! Just a nice make-up to be beautiful and have a cover-girl look and with clever posing, lighting and re-touching every girl can look model perfect.What is Boudoir portrait? I would start from the pronunciation and etymology of the word, so frequently used nowadays by photographers all over the world. Derived from the French [bu: d `ua] to delineate a private woman, fromthe toilet and dressing room to the master bedroom. Personally, I define boudoir as the most intimate and sweet in all styles of photography in lingerie. There are moments in the air, over time,intimate and delightful revelations of what is "below", wrapped inelegant lace, silk and soft light and transparent fabrics. The combination of a beautiful light and exquisite feminine shapes allow me to create with my subject of the shots full of femininity,giving me the feeling of something magical and completely unique. In my opinion this kind of photography does not have to reveal but to suggest, and convey a sense of intimacy.Who is it for and on what occasions?I am convinced that all women without exception, even the most timid and reserved, would take at least once in their life to make a intimate service justfor them, you do not need special occasions. The relationship with the lingerie for us women is a special world, who accompanies us throughout life from morning to night, when we arealone, when you want to surprise your partner, or when we brides waitingwith a nice bump ... There are shots that you frame and hang in your private boudoir, in your bedroom, or take an unexpected surprise to your partner. In the end, boudoir photography flatters all women.What is the ideal location for the boudoir? Just like they say the origins of the word, the perfect location is the bedroom or a suite at the hotel. The space must define an intimatesetting and friendly, allowing you to relax and create images with great taste and style.What should I expect from a service boudoir? The experience should be enjoyable and fun, I try to lead my people in the choice of lingerie, make-up and accessories. Suggest moves andsometimes personally show the poses is a useful tool in removinguncertainties and fears. Like any service portrait, lasts 1.5-2 hours between preparation and shooting itself.How do you put your customers at ease during the service? Undoubtedly many women, stripping, they feel vulnerable, and put them at ease is one of the vital aspects when you do this kindof photography, so as a photographer you should demonstrate suchsensitivity. For me it is important that those who turn to me knows my style and trust me. The real key to creating good photographs is in establishing a friendlyrelationship based on sympathy, trust, and many smiles and maybe discussthe choice of clothing and makeup before you start shooting. I must say that not less important is the fact that women are like them, which makes them aware that deliver them with pure feminine sensibility.

  • OMG.... can't believe....Is that me

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