Music for a successful event

Music is basic in making your wedding day unforgettable, so here are some suggestions in order to have a successful event:1.   Professional musicians: having capable musicians guarantees you a quality service and the         assurance to deal with all situations.2.   Avoid to ask for music not suitable or not feasible for some musical instruments: i.e. a piece of        symphony orchestra or a piece of pop music played by a solo violin.3.   Avoid to ask opera singers to sing pop music or vice versa.4.   A group cannot perform live all kinds of existing music.5.   Avoid to accompany a singer with a single monophonic instrument (like a violin) because they both       accomplish the melody but no one the harmony.6.   A song made by an orchestra if played by a string duo, no matter how good and how the         arrangements are done well, it will never “make it” in the same way.7.   The choice of the type of music or musical group must be related to the environment and the         “setting”, spaces, times, number of guests and their age.8.    Be sure that each musician with his/her instrument has his/her suitable space.9.   Check the sockets if there are amplified instruments.10.  Check with the location of the actual power of their electricity supply.11.  Atmospheric conditions - there are essential environmental needs for musicians,  especially for         instruments:       NO under the sun without shelter (musical instruments are very expensive and the       heat of direct sunlight may damage them).       NO low temperatures (cold hands cannot move elastically on the instrument and       the sound is not good)       NO at risk of rain or exposition to evening moisture without top and bottom shelter (the instruments        will be damaged and you can create a dangerous situation where  there are electrical equipments).12.  For each music service you have to pay royalties for the music played in order to      avoid controls by the relevant authorities and get high fines.
  • Music for a successful event

Paolo Nassi

Editor in Chief of Weddings Italy by Regency specializes in destination weddings in Italy since 1987.