How beauty contributes to make your wedding day truly special!

Every wedding is unique and in the field of beauty we highly recommend to rely on hair and make-up professionals with international experience.The basic successful recipe is always the same: a participatory diagnosis with the client and a customized service without losing sight of fashion hair and makeup but not imposing it.Improvement and constant update in the profession is of highest importance: every professional should give you more service "reliability" and "originality" and should be able to satisfy any wish as well as to adapt the style of hair and makeup for all occasions with cut and color suitable for the morphology of the face creating movements to ultra modern or classic (depending on the needs).Do not forget also the absolute importance of using exclusive professional products and  brands  that are always looking for maximum efficiency, perfect for a great look and a good quality.In fact some products used for make-up and hair-style can only last one hour or so and they are perfect to be worn by models on the runway in a fashion show but absolutely not suited for brides. We know brides need products with a longer hold since they are the main focus of the wedding for many hours (often under the warm summer sun) going through emotions, tears of joy, laughter, drinking, eating, kissing, hugging, dancing and dancing...This means, for example, that a bride cannot use a face cream foundation with poor or no hold. Some beauticians on the market (we don't want to call them professional!) use very poor quality face cream foundations which are just like mineral water. Instead our professional make-up artists use products that are tested this way: you put and spread the cream foundation on your hand, then you sprinkle it with very hot water...if it holds then it's perfect!So the most important thing is to find a really good beauty expert who does not sell you the products mostly used on the market but the products that are most suited for a bride. Do not look for the most popular brand, look for the right brand! And you know that the products are truly good when the make-up artists and hair-stylists are not afraid to answer all the questions and doubts a bride may have during the beauty service. All the products have to be shown and explained...A bride has the right to see and to know what the beautician is putting on her face and hair!

  • How beauty contributes to make your wedding day truly special!

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