PART 2 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

    Mistake n. 3  Not paying attention to how to divide your budget among the various services    The third biggest mistake is not paying attention to how to divide your budget among the various services.In all the blogs, forums and web site discussing weddings you will see written that it is important to set a budget in order to not have big surprises.This is true but it is also a false problem because today it is rare for a couple to begin to make arrangements with vendors and then they suddenly realize they do not have any more money left. "Our experience is that you all are much more intelligent than how they portray you in the blogs!" Instead of being able to stay in your budget the real problem is if you end up spending your money in the wrong way. This happens because you are poorly advised or because you are not advised properly by anyone at all.Many brides and couples rely too much on automatic wedding budgeters or on advice from friends or even by wedding planners who have a standard or superficial approach. In the end what happens is that the budget may be well distributed but only according to what the average couple does and the couples' own specific preferences and characteristics of the their own wedding and their own guests are not taken into account.Example n 1 It is possible that a couple does not care particularly much about flowers but eventually they find themselves spending more than 15% of the wedding budget on flowers. In our opinion, for those couples who are not interested in the flowers,  it is useless to spend 150 Euro or more on a bouquet, when  they can surely have the same satisfaction with a simple beautiful rose or another type of single flower, carried in a natural and fun way in her hands as if it were a game or a precious stone.Also for those who do not particularly like flowers they can also avoid using centerpieces for the reception tables and use candles or according to country chic fashion they can use other objects or fruit. According to us, here in Italy when you are in a church where there are famous works-of-art the flowers could even be annoying to those who love art and appreciate the purity of the atmosphere of a Renaissance or the thirteenth century church.Example n 2 As a second example we can talk about the case of a couple who loves food but is not interested in having a photo documentation or video or a trendy album. We are not here to debate whether it is right or not right. We just want to say that it is possible that some people do not believe it is so important to have a "super" documentation of their wedding. Today it is certainly possible with cameras and smartphones as advanced as they are that anyone can take good shots and therefore a couple may decide to collect photos from all their friends and relatives (surely out of 400 shots it is possible to find 20 really nice photos). In this case the couple that does not consider it important to have professional photos should not be influenced by the fact that 90% of couples actually do choose it: this can also be a cost to cut in order to concentrate their budget on things that matter most to them, in this case, the food and wine.We could continue with examples that apply to all services and all vendors. However, we believe that this is enough to understand that it is important get rid of standardized behaviors, and budgeters and clichés. Be yourself and get help from a professional whose first thing is to ask you what are your passions, your feelings and your preferences. Only then can you break up your budget in the best way and you will never regret the money you spent.   Mistake n. 4  Forgetting that the ceremony is the main event  You should remember that the wedding ceremony is the most important part and the main event. The reception is just a celebration of it .  During the ceremony, the bride is the star, it is her time, she is the center of everyone's attention. For these reasons you  should think about creating the perfect setting around you. In addition to the dress, makeup, hair, shoes, you must put enought thought into the entire atmosphere: music, flowers, candles, readings, vows, bouquets and small details. At the reception, the guests will think mostly of themselves, eating, drinking and having fun, maybe there will be some applause and listening  to some speeches.  Believe us, don't forget what a wedding really is , it will make your wedding ceremony memorable.    
  • PART 2 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

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