PART 4 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

mistake n. 7 Inviting too many people to the weddingIt's nice to share one of the best days of your lives with friends and family . Being in the spotlight and receiving lots of compliments is certainly very satisfying and exciting.It's important though to choose your guest list with your head and not according to the contact list in your cell phone. Having many guests generates effects of various kinds and the main one being greater confusion for the couple and their families, and higher stress levels. Just think of very simple things you'll have to dolike taking a picture with all the guests, or devoting attention to everyone and exchanging kisses with everyone : it increases the time you have to devote to others and decreases your free time , it gives rarer moments for the couple to share their emotions betweeen just the two of them and with the people they are closest to. The consequences are also economic.Having to offer cocktails, dinner , open bar to a greater number of people is very expensive . For example, if we talk about only adding on to your list 20 more people it is  likely that the additional costexceeds 2000 euro ( $ 2700 ) .Since it is common to give guests a thank you gift or favor, a greater number of gifts will result in an additional cost , and of course the same applies for trasportation and other services like more table centerpieces required, etc...Our suggestion therefore is to assess the number of guests according to your budget and the amount that you want to spend on each service in order to avoid surprises. Limiting the number of guests will also serve to make your wedding day more enjoyable for the most beautiful moments for just the two of you .mistake n. 8  A cash barOne of the elements of a wedding is organizing a bar for you and your guests. Many couples choose a cash bar, which obliges guests to pay for their own drinks. People who have been invited are therefore forced to pay to drink out of the cocktail hour and/or dinner and/or after dinner party.  This is extremely indelicate and a source of discomfort for some guests .Our advice is certainly always to avoid the use of a cash bar.If you must use this service to reduce costs it means that you exceeded your budgest with other services or in the number of people you invited who are attending.Instead of a cash bar, couples can choose an American bar (extensive open bar) or a simple open bar, you can have this open for one hour , two hours , three hours, or for the entire event until late night. Thepossibilities are endless and the decision must be made based on your budget.Guests will be pleased in any case if there will be a limited open bar provided by the couple and it leaves enough freedom to those would like to give an additional tip when requesting an extra drink.
  • PART 4 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

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