PART 5 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

Mistake n. 9 Assuming a symbolic Wedding is better than a Legal WeddingMany couples assume that a symbolic wedding in Italy is better than alegal one because:1)  Either they think it's easier to marry at home legally first and thenhave a symbolic ceremony here in Italy. 2)  Or they hear about having two weddings in Italy: the first one beinglegal in a town hall and the second one being a symbolic ceremony in aprivate location.These are both big mistakes since a symbolic ceremony is a fake ceremonyand instead couples can have here one ceremony in a privation location thatis a legal wedding so that they don't have to do two. Marrying at home first and then having a fake ceremony here doesn't make sense because starting a new life together with a fakeceremony is truly like starting your married life together in the worstway possible, almost like it was a joke, a breach of love.Having two ceremonies here or one at home first doesn't make sense since the second ceremony would still be a fake one.One legal ceremony in any private location you'd like in Italy isabsolutely possible and the couple can completely personalize thisceremony so that it can be according to their religious background witha religious rite and also legally recognized. So religious & legalall-in-one in the private venue of your choice.The legal paperwork to marry legally in Italy for any kind of passportholder is easy and can be completed in little time.   Mistake n. 10 You don’t enjoy the wedding because of too much StressAlthough each single detail seems really important, being relaxed during the planning process will make it much more fun. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, give yourself a break from the wedding planning, get away for the weekend or hide all the  wedding magazines for a few days.Of course make sure you get plenty of rest the days before the wedding, and do not forget to eat little snacks during the day of the wedding to keep your energy up.To help the stress level, try your best to choose true wedding professionals and people who you trust to help you with all the details.  It is important also to really like and respect  the people you hire so you don’t have added stress by working with difficult people.Keep a sense of humor and remember what is really important to you on your wedding day. Don’t worry about so many small details that you don’t take enough time on what’s important. If something does go wrong – breathe deep before you react and think about the whole picture – you are probably the only one who will notice anyway.Enjoy your day and do not regret anything! Have the people you care about around you and have fun!

  • PART 5 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding
  • PART 5 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

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