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Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

In Italy, Regency can arrange a valid civil marriage, a religious wedding, a symbolic ceremony or a simple blessing. The local authorities require documents for all legal weddings. The documentation necessary varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested. We have the special opportunity to celebrate religious Christian weddings in private locations such as castles or villas, as well as many churches around the country with civil validity. We are the ONLY wedding coordinators based in Italy that can arrange weddings with civil validity outside the town hall. Our agency can assist you in the preparation of all the pertinent documents. Our wedding planners are based in Italy.
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Civil Ceremonies
Ceremonies with civil validity may be celebrated in City Halls of every Italian city. Regency has wide experience in civil weddings, since we have organized weddings in more than 100 Italian cities. We can arrange a civil ceremony at a town hall or in a palace, villa, or a beautiful garden. We have performed weddings in the most charming city halls in Italy: in the Palazzo Vecchio (the town hall) in Florence, or Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo. Regency can recommend ancient, beautiful and charming city halls, for an unforgettable ceremony. We provide an interpreter, who will translate the Italian to English. Weddings celebrated with a Catholic ceremony or in a Protestant Church, or any other location (villa, garden, castle) are also valid as civil weddings, if the celebrant is recognized by the Italian State.

Religious Ceremonies
Foreign citizens can be married in Italy according to Catholic rites. A Roman Catholic ceremony must take place in a Catholic Church. Having a Catholic wedding in Italy is an easy process, with our assistance. The Catholic documents and pre cana classes required are the same all over the world. You will need to obtain the NIHIL OBSTAT from your local diocese, signed by your bishop, to be married in an Italian parish. There is plenty of time to obtain these documents, as they cannot be received any earlier than six months before the wedding, and it is not unusual to provide them one month before. Regency can also arrange weddings according to Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox rites. In these cases, you can be married in a sacred location (church or synagogue) or in a villa, castle, hotel or garden. We can provide a celebrant, who is officially recognized by the Italian State.

Symbolic Wedding
A Symbolic Wedding consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony. You can celebrate such a wedding in a chapel or any other location, without limitations or restrictions. Usually the couples who choose this type of ceremony have had a civil ceremony in their home country. They come to Italy for a traditional Italian wedding at an historic site or a very special private setting.