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Advice for your wedding and honeymoon in Italy.

Luxury Car Rental in Italy
Luxury Car Rental in Italy In such an important day like the one of your wedding you will not miss the opportunity to really feel like a Queen while reaching the ceremony place in a vintage car or in Limousine or with a famous Rolls Roice Luxury sports cars Ferrari and Maserati not for your weddings only, but also for your honeymoon or your holiday in Italy.Exclusive car such as Ferrari 550 Barchetta P4, Ferrari 575m Maranello, Ferrari 512 BBi, Ferrari 412 Scaglietti Cabrio, Maserati Quattroporte.

Weddings in Tuscany: a wonderful land.
Wedding in Tuscany From the Etruscans to the Romans, from the XIII century to the Renaissance, Tuscany is absolutely the greatest repository of art in the world,(someone says that 20% of the most important works of art in the world are there) from extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. Weddings in Tuscany can take place in unique venues: from castle civil weddings to intimate ceremonies in one of the many churches in Tuscany hills. We can arrange weddings in Siena, Certaldo, Florence, Cortona, Pisa, Lucca, S. Gimignano, Greve in Chianti, Cortona, Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano, Castellina in Chianti, San Casciano, Monteriggioni, Arezzo, Bucine, Fiesole. We organize weddings with civil validity in the most important villas, castles, gardens, palaces and churches all over Tuscany. Visit the web site of our wedding photographer in Tuscany

Weddings in Venice: romance
Wedding in Venice Its intimate calle, bridges and piazzas, along with the Venetian canals and laguna, make this the perfect place to kindle the flame of love and commitment. You can marry on a nice gondola under the famous Ponte dei sospiri , or the famous Rialto Bridge. Civil weddings in Venice are celebrated in the elegant Palazzo Cavalli along the Grand Canal near Rialto Bridge. You can have a religious ceremony with civil validity in a charming Venetian palace or on a breathtaking terrace on Grand Canal. Believe us if you want a romantic wedding in Italy choose a venice wedding. A wedding church in venice is the perfect place for your Catholic wedding in Italy. Our wedding photographer in Venice is Venetian and born in 1970 close to the S.Marco square; today is member of the Young Artists Archive of Venice, he creates unique wedding pictures, reportage, and still-life.

Wedding Photographer in Italy: wedding photography in Tuscany, wedding photography in Venice, wedding photography in Amalfi Coast, wedding photography in Garda Lake and Lake area
Wedding photographer in Italy, Tuscany Weddings in Italy - regency professional wedding photographers specializing in wedding photography in Tuscany, Florence,Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Garda Lake, Como Lake, Capri, and other romantic localities in Italy. Wedding photographer in Tuscany: the Tuscany photography staff offer you high quality photographic services done with the best tools; fresh, spontaneous and refined images; the professionalism of a several years' tradition always looking after the taste and the refinement of such an important day. Wedding photographer in Florence: Our Florence wedding photography staff is creating photo reportages that make the images of a wedding as natural and spontaneous as possible. Both Gerardo and Andrea can do classic photo services with negatives as well as digital services. Our photographers use photojournalistic natural candid style of photography or/and a traditional approach; They are experienced and unobtrusive professional wedding photographers.

Weddings in Rome
Wedding in Rome
To wed in Rome is to choose one of the world's most unforgettable marriage destinations. Rome is pre-eminently the symbol of Italy, it's a scent of Italian culture, art, history and charm, so we are very proud to see there are so many couples that choose it for their special day. Have you already been here? Despite what everybody knows about it (the Colosseum, St Peter's...) We like tell that Rome has so much to offer, from the thrill of feeling centuries of history under your feet to the refreshing pleasure of walking around eating a refreshing Italian gelato (ice cream) on a hot day. If you would like to have some entertainments for you and your guests we assure you that Rome has a great sparkling life: outdoor festivals and concerts during the summer, art exhibitions, so many restaurants where you can taste the best of Italian and Roman cuisine, and enotecas (Italian wine shops) where to stop for a glass of Italian wine, as we like doing before dinner!.

Our company, specializing in arranging weddings and honeymoons in Italy, also searched in the Net for web sites that may be helpful for couples who are choosing the location where to get married and the wedding services they need. An important starting point are the many directories helping the bride to better organize a time schedule for her wedding. The following websites may help couples getting an overall idea on services and favors.

Weddings in Amalfi Coast
Wedding in Amalfi
Wedding in Amalfi Coast means : wedding in Sorrento, wedding in Amalfi, wedding in Ravello, Wedding in Capri, wedding in Positano, wedding in Furore, wedding in Ischia, wedding in sant'Agata. Amalfi Coast is one of the most romantic and enchanting spots of Italy: it is a magical place. People are fantastic and warm, they will friendly welcome and will make you feel at home! that it is the most romantic place in Italy. Your wedding in Positano it is possible to walk very easily from one place to another. The road of Positano is just like a snake. You start from the very top and with no problem can walk all the way down to the beach. There are shops with typical products one next to each other, Positano you can eat some very good excellent fish. Almost all venues have a terrace and all terraces have the most breathtaking view of the Amalfi Coast and sea. We can suggest you the town hall of Sorrento and your wedding will be celebrated at the Cloister.They say those who have not seen Amalfi, they have not seen Italy. When you come to Amalfi, the panorama is wonderful. White houses clinged on the rocks are opposed to the big Saint Andrew Church, located in the middle of the town. Every street hides a square, where in the past people used to sell his merchandise. Amalfi is full of steps and to arrive to the Cattedrale di S.Andrea there is a long way with 57 steps (The Cathedral is a perfect place for your wedding in Amalfi) Every street hides a square, where in the past people used to sell his merchandise. Through one of this street we discover Piazza dei Dogi, still called Piazza dei Ferrari, because there were smith's shop. From here, other streets go everywhere; one of these takes you to the sea, where we find the entrance of the Antichi Arsenali. Another street takes you to the Vagliendola quarter, with its tower houses. This street gets to the Hotel dei Cappuccini. It was a monastry called San Pietro della Canonica and founded in the XIII century. Amalfi is synonymous of summer fashion. Its boutiques made every summer, thousands of dresses in cotton, silk, linen. If you've never been here you'll notice how lemons here are really a prevailing theme in restaurants and shops. Lemon flavored and scented items are very popular here, and none more so than Limoncello, a lemon-based liqueur, so popular all over the region. You can buy bottles to take home, they will be a great souvenir or gift (the best shop to buy it is "I sapori di Amalfi" where you'll find a large selection of limoncello and other lemon products; local herbs, honeys, jams, candied peels. All reasonably priced and well-wrapped. You must try the chocolates made with lemon. I have never tasted anything like it!! Atrani, a small unique town very close to Amalfi, nested between the sea and the high rock faces. It kept in the years its ancient characters of urbanistic structure - typical middle age - arches, courtyards, hidden squares, narrow streets, small staircases make Atrani seem a little crib, with the sea as a breathtaking background. Visit the web site of our wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast to look at our weddings in Amalfi Coast.

Weddings in Castles in Italy
Castle wedding in Italy
Italy is full of fantastic castle where you can marry.Castles, fortresses and watch-towers appear everywhere; some are well preserved, others are in ruins. The main part of them is not on the tourist routes.During the Middle Ages, when most of these fortresses were built, their primary function was to provide a safe haven for neighboring villagers. Today many of them are well restored. We have arranged about 1000 weddings in castles in Italy. Luxury Castle weddings like the one of the son of Iraq President, or very simple weddings like the ones in a beautiful authentic Medieval castle in the Chianti area about 30 minutes from Florence, here there is also a very cosy and intimate chapel where your ceremony can take place. Alternatively the ceremony can take place in the garden.

Cruises can't miss among honeymoon locations, this typical way of travelling which has always been loved by Anglo-Saxons and which today attracts people from all nationalities and ages, thanks to tours and solutions even more flexible and wide-ranging that enchant young couples too.
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Wedding in Italy Forum:
Weddings Italy Forum
Visit a Forum specializing weddings in Italy. You will find a section about paperwork and legal procedures, wedding services section describing services like photography, flower arrangements, hair set and beauty services, ceremony, reception and cocktail music, video services, car rentals, accomodation services, section about catholic and protestant ceremonies, section about weddings in Florence, Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Capri, Positano, Amalfi; a section about best locations and settings, a survey about best wedding location in Italy.

Wedding Zone Nationwide Wedding Planning Directory

A funny note to break monotony - let us joke as a wedding is also a joyful party and little bit of irony doesn't do any harm. For those who are still looking for someone to marry, or if your fiancé/fiancée run away just a few minutes before the ceremony, you can always try to find one lastminute...
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Even Scotland is among requested destinations for marriages and honeymoons: stunning castles and century-old traditions, your dream can now come true. We find it the perfect place for your honeymoon, please have a look at:
Visit the Scottish Highlands
Discover the beautiful area of Scotland around the Scottish Highlands, this is another wonderful area for weddings. This website provides local information as well as pictures of the Highlands.

Modern Bride
Modern Bride Magazine Site - Destination Weddings: Europe: Venice, Italy.

Getting married in Italy also means good food and excellent wine. We often suggest to have both ceremony and reception in the countryside, in a castle, in a villa or a farmhouse. Sometimes couples asked us to have their special day in a very natural setting and it was a pleasure to arrange it among olive groves and vineyards, especially in September, just before harvest, when grapes are still on vine-shoots. Sure this is a typical Italian experience, but everybody here in Italy can try a wine tasting or a cook lesson which are a great way to enjoy yourself and try local flavours - if you'll do it in Tuscany, home of the best wines in the world, this experience really reaches the top.
Wine Tasting in Italy
Guided wine tastings, cooking lessons and wine tours in Tuscany.

What's a wedding without rings? All over the world tradition wants the exchange rings during solemn vows. A diamond ring is maybe the most a bride can expect, but in many parts of the world a ring is also a promise and a declaration of eternal love in engagements.
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Bellissima Bridal Shoes
bellissima bridal shoes: shoes for brides and bridemaids also for your wedding in Italy
Perfect for brides and bridesmaids looking to strut their stuff in strappy sandals, slingbacks, or retro pumps, we've got the world's best in bridal shoes from world famous designers like Vera Wang, Stuart Weitzman, Shelley George and more.

Model Bride
Model Bride
The bride's source for expert beauty advice including makeup, skin care and bridal hairstyles. Also featuring a collection of designer bridal accessories such as bridal shoes, jewelry, headpieces and more.

A Gift Of Poetry -Unique personalized gifts for every occasion. Your Gateway to Italy!
Community portal for Everyone who Loves Italy!"

CLIC Italian Language School
Italian Language Courses in Florence and Calabria

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