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Traveling to escape the everyday life, or start a new way of life by traveling.

If you're looking for a special holiday experience in Europe, but have run short of inspiration, try getting in touch with a travel expert, a local tour operator or surfing on the Internet! Whichever way you choose, you will find a wide range of destinations and styles of getaways.

From luxurious pampering in country villas, cycling on beautiful trails to painting holidays and rural retreats, there is sure to be something to suit all tastes.

Rome has been selected, for the second year in a row as the best city in Europe, by readers of Travel & Leisure. This leading travel magazine in the US, published by American Express, sells more than 5 million copies per issue. Florence was ranked second and was inducted into the "World's Best Award Hall of Fame" for being named the best city in Europe five times in the last ten years.

Italy was the only country to get four in a list of the 50 best hotels in the world!

Relaxation and Luxury
For a treat that relaxes the mind, body and soul, a stay in a luxury spa is the only way to go. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but when your hotel offers spa facilities, as well as year-round sun, you know you'll be leaving in a state of complete calm.

Many people from all over the world visit Italy to experience unique natural spa treatments in idyllic settings. Italy is famed for being a land of stunning scenery, beautiful climate and cultural attractions. Recently, it has also become well known for its rich thermal and mineral waters. It is a very desirable location for rest, relaxation and well-being. Combine these tranquil elements with a stay in a luxury resort and the result is an experience that fills all the senses.

Several regions of Italy are famous just for their spa attractions: places like Ischia, Chianciano and Abano attract millions of visitors each year. They are usually located in areas of great beauty and have some kind of natural phenomenon that can be utilised in the spa, such as volcanic springs, lavic mud or thermal baths.

  • LUXURY IN ITALY: a collection of unique and particularly beautiful accommodation selected by the Regency Group

Painting Holiday
A painting holiday enables you to take home more than just memories and photos of Italy's breathtaking towns and landscapes. The aim of most painting courses is not to produce a finished painting, but rather to work on source material, that can be developed later on. Some people regard these courses as essential research trips.

With such a wealth of beauty and variety, it's no wonder that so many artists, both professional and amateur, are attracted to Italy to paint its rivers and mountains, lakes, villages and cities.

Usually the members of a vacation painting group get a tremendous amount out of the holiday. They go home full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. It's no wonder that many people return for similar trips year after year.

Holiday Cooking
Do you wish to cook like an Italian? During your holiday why not try your hand in an Italian kitchen. Some of the owners of farms and villas organize cooking lessons. Learn more about Italian cuisine at these hands-on cooking class! Learn top-class cookery skills and have a great time in Italy.

Cooking holidays & Italian tours that focus on the delights of food. From country markets and wineries to city restaurants and village trattorias you will discover Italian gastronomic flavours that no other place offers.

  • COOKING COURSES IN ITALY Gourmet Italy traveler: cooking class and wine tasting.

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