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  • Wedding in Italy
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A perfect place for your destinantion wedding in Italy


This enchanting and tiny region is situated at a crossroads in the heart of central Europe, on the far northeast fringe of Italy. It is home to one of the most refined food and wine cultures in the world and combines local products with influences that are, literally, all over the map.

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Perfect place

Perfect place
Perfect place

Hemingway, Joyce, D'Annunzio, Rilke and Pasolini all lived here and yet it is nearly unknown to most. Therefore, it is a great place for people seeking to leave the beaten path. Friuli is the ideal Italian Region for your intimate and unique wedding! Once you know Friuli, its history, its landscapes and its refined food, you will simply fall in love with it! There is no doubt Friuli will please you and be the perfect place for your destination wedding. It is only a matter of figuring out which location will please you most!!

Destination wedding

Thanks to thousand years of history, culture and art, and to its favoured geographical position, Friuli has a lot to offer: snow-capped mountains, warm sandy beaches, lagoons teeming with water birds, remote Alpine hamlets, Roman ruins, palatial country villas, rocky coastal cliffs, bustling international seaports and picturesque fishing villages. History has marched back and forth across this relatively narrow strip of land. In Roman times, it was a vital outpost. Later, the infamous Huns forced the inhabitants to seek refuge on an island in the lagoon, much as the less civilized tribes to the west, had built the settlement we now know as Venice. For most of the ensuing centuries, shrewd local leaders managed to keep the region essentially independent. Under the Hapsburgs domains, Trieste was declared a free port and quickly became Mitteleuropa's gateway to the East.


Udine is a lovely city I which to wander, discovering magnificent palaces, old residences, and romantic views. The historical center is pedestrian-only cobblestone streets and lovely archways. Exciting shopping and restaurants and lovely cafes are within walking distance of the center of town - from informal to elegant. Udine is a truly superlative choice for your memorable event! And it is a great place from which you can explore other parts of the country, since the beaches of Italy, Austria are only an hour away. Venice is just over 1 hour away. There are two superb wedding halls available. One is quite magnificent, at a castle with wonderful views of the charming town and the mountains. The other is right in the heart of Udine, in the main piazza with a Venetian façade and spectacular interiors.


Trieste is an enchanting city, by the sea. It has long been a favourite, thanks to the beauty of the landscape, its fascinating history and its wealth of cultural background. Great architecture, marvelous cuisine and diverse religious sites - Roman, Serbian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Jewish - blend together in Trieste. Scientists and internationally famous writers and poets have left their mark on Trieste. There is so much to take in and enjoy. The wedding hall is located in the spectacular and unique square, with an open side looking onto the sea, a perfect setting for your wedding! There are many houses of worship, belonging to different religions: the Cattedrale di San Giusto, Chiesa di Sant'Antonio, Chiesa di San Nicolò, Basilica di San Silvestro, the "sinagoga Ebraica," the synagogue of Trieste and the Evangelical Church.


Gorizia was called "Habsburg Nice" because of its mild and gentle climate and the beautiful parks, which still represent just one of its amenities. Its story is that of a border city in which different cultural worlds have met and melted leading to a fascinating cosmopolitan atmosphere that can be enjoyed while taking a stroll through streets and palaces. Visiting Gorizia means to see with one's own eyes how centuries of history have evolved. One can see the massive "Castle of the Counts" of the city, dating back to the 12th century, in a district with a tiny church perfect for intimate religious weddings. Equally beautiful are the wonderful Baroque churches and the Museum of the First World War, where one can stop and meditate. Picture the many cafés of mid-European origin, where one can have the pleasure of meeting people from all over, feel the history of the place, as the scent of time gone by, hovers above.

The wedding hall is one of the very few in Italy, where weddings are allowed outdoors, in a beautiful garden with spectacular views.