A few steps from the famous street of Via Tornabuoni in Florence's city center there is an elegant jewelry store 'Florence Jewelry' which is managed by exquisite jewelry specialists, Alessio and Beatrice. 'Florence Jewelry' is a young new concept of high class jewelry, always searching new trends, unusual and different things to propose to our customers.Because diversity is what turns life exciting, this is exactly the feeling we want to transmit to the customers : everybody has to feel exciting wearing a Florence Jewel. 'Florence Jewelry' was born out of the collaboration of Alessio, long dated experienced jeweller and gemmology expert, and Beatrice who is an innovative designer. Both were born and raised in Florence, where everything is full of history, culture and stylistic influences. Alessio and Beatrice created their own trade mark in 2000 with the desire to amaze those who think that jewels are not only like an accessory but more like a distinguishing mark. Together with our goldsmith expertise and innovative spirit , we make the productions of a true designer.

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Every jewel is produced starting from the careful study of the design. After this we continue with a complete handiwork including the fusion of precious metal and the searching and the selection of precious stones. For us the customers request, even the most eccentric, becomes a challenge because the realization of a dream is tantamount. Topaz, quartz, amethyst, and diamonds in their hands come to life and become precious objects clients desire. Red, white, and yellow golds wrap the stones in soft shapes, sometimes bold, giving unexpected shades and iridescent glows. The skill of the goldsmith is apparent in the plots inside that trap the light giving off unusual reflections. Customers rely upon the expertise of both of them, who are skilled also in restoring and enhancing stones of ancient jewelry. Their style is sometimes strict, sometimes elaborate, but is always inspired by a harmony of colors and shapes that can well interpret the most current design trends. 'Florence Jewelry' produces unique jewels for never ending love. We like to think that as with every love story being unique, even your engagement ring and wedding bands will be unique. They have to be unique, created just to celebrate your love.