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Thank you-notes from our passed couples

Michaelanne & Andy
A wedding in Tuscany

Weddings testimonialsI want to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job with our wedding - it was truly the best day of our lives and our friends all say it was the best wedding they ever went to - so thank you from the bottom of my heart. The photos just arrived and they are great. Thanks doll. Let me know if you'd like me to send you a recommendation for you - to tell the owner of the company how amazing you are.
You are the BEST! Thank you for making my wedding perfect.
Michaelanne and Andy

Laura & Richard
A Wedding in Chianti Area

Weddings testimonialsWell we are settled back in New York left with the memories of the very best wedding in the world! And we want to thank you with all of our hearts for making it happen for us. If it was not for you I would never have been able to get married in that chapel. I just know that if I had not been lucky enough to find you, nobody else would have fought so hard for Richard and I to be married there. It was so special, magical, and we are so lucky. We even got fireworks!!!!!! I had my hair done again here in NY, please tell Nunzia (the hair specialist ) that she did a much better job with my hair. Nunzia is an expert with this problem hair that I have.
Months ago I never would have dare dreamed that my wedding would be so perfect. But as some time went by working together with you I just had complete faith. I am so glad I found you, I can't even tell you! I hope you know how much you've helped me, I had not a clue what to do. Do you remember when I was thinking of having a morning ceremony? I had it all wrong!
Thank you for making the planning so fun! I miss the planning and I miss you. Please keep in touch. Working with you I felt as though I was the only bride in the world, you made me feel so special. You are the best. My mother said she hopes my sister gets married and that you will help her with her wedding. I am also telling all my friends to get a blessing in Italy. Who knows, maybe Richard and I will do this in a few years! But only if you will help with the planning!
We love you Gaia and will send you more photos of the beautiful wedding that you made happen!
Lots of Love,
Laura and Richard

Liz & Steve
A wedding in Tuscany

Weddings testimonials"I just want to say a big, "Thank you!!!" for all your hard work and dedication to our wedding. It was exactly I had imagined and more. I just cannot wait to see the photos that Carlo took of all our friends and family. Our friends can't stop praising us and letting us know that it was the "best wedding" they have ever been to. And oh, the tour guide at Siena was a gem! Such a lovely woman.

She stayed a little longer with us and even came back after lunch to continue the tour! The wedding day definitely was the best day (as it should be!!!) and I will never forget how wonderful and beautiful it was, thanks to you. Would love to hear from you if you are ever in SF. Do call me so that we can have a drink or two! Many thanks,
Liz and Steve

Judy & John
Wedding in Chianti Area

Weddings testimonials"THANK YOU for all that you did to make our wedding very special. John said without you we couldn't have done it at all. It was great to finally meet you after all of our e-mails. The video you took came out great. I've been showing it to my friends here at work and I've made a copy for my parents. The pictures are really beautiful. Everyone here at work can't believe how picturesque the setting is.
Again it was wonderful meeting you and thank you again for everything. All my friends here at work and at home are in awe of how John and I got married in Italy. People are still talking about it. I will keep in touch
Judy and John

Robert and Elizabet
Wedding in Venice

We have just returned from our honeymoon and wanted once again to thank you and your staff for creating a most elegant event. As someone with experience as an event planner I was terribly nervous, as you know, to relinquish control of my wedding to someone else - let alone a wedding which was to take place 4,000 miles away. Over 60 people had purchased flights from New York to attend the ceremony. The pressure to ensure that the event would not fall short of expectations was tremendous.

I had been led to believe by every US Official that the pre-wedding paperwork would be virtually impossible and time consuming. That your account of the process was so simple worried me to no end. I was terrified that at the end of the day there would be something missing and the wedding would not be able to take place at all. How foolish I was. Robert and I visited ruins and had lunch outside the pantheon while Regency took care of all of the necessary paperwork and official stamps.
I worried endlessly about the ceremony in Venice which I would not be able to rehearse beforehand not to mention the room in the Palazzo Cavalli which I had never seen. I lost sleep over details such as the music, flowers, candles, how my hair would look and whether my makeup would be too heavy. All of it was wasted energy. In fact, I wish I could have kidnapped the people at the salon and brought them back to New York with me! I fear my face and hair may never look as good again! My biggest fear however was how the ceremony room would look. As you had mentioned, people are not permitted to have a 'rehearsal', as a result my first look at the Palazzo Cavalli was as I climbed the stairs with my father to be wed. From the few photos of the ceremony room which I had found on the internet, I felt that there was indeed much cause for concern. The photos portray it as rather institutional, a bit sparse and frankly, not at all what one might envsion for their 'Venetian Wedding'. Such descriptions could not be further from the truth. The ceremony room was simply elegant with subtle marble detailing and a lovely balcony with a glorious view.
The entire event was tied together beautifully with the sounds of Vivaldi being played throughout by the talented string trio you found. At the end of the ceremony we all walked out into the street, opened a few bottles of prosecco and walked through Venice. I apologise for this lengthy email - I simply cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it was to work with you and your staff at Regency.
People hope for many things when they imagine their wedding day - we wished for something elegant but above all something tasteful. Regency exceeded our expectations and did so with very little effort on our part.
Attached are a few photos of the wedding that were taken by friends and posted on their website. There are some good pictures of the ceremony room itself, I think they might be better representations of the atmosphere it provides. All the best,"
Robert and Elizabeth

Kelly & Rick
A wedding in Venice

Weddings testimonials"I am writing to thank you for planning a wonderful wedding for Kelly and Rick. When we first spoke, you told me you would make a "magical day" and you did!! When I asked Kelly, at the end of the day, how she thought everything went, she said to me, "Mom, it was magical!"....that same word.... I want to thank you for all your patience in working with us when we were insecure and had so many was difficult doing all this from another country, but I must tell you, you did everything as we wanted it and even more.
The maid (at the Palazzo) was wonderful, and I don't even know her name!!!
She was not the secretary, but the maid....
she said we could choose any room we wanted and that she would work with us to make it brighter... We decided immediately to have the ceremony in the is the prettiest and the quietest, and you can hear singing and music from the Conservatory....Then we decided to have the Champagne in the front parlor.....our choices were perfect...She made a rain plan, said she would bring lots of candleabra and candles to brighten it up, and she made a sun plan. Every window open, every drapery open and every curtain up. Our luck was good and we had much sun...She had opened everything!!! It became beautiful!!! She was just a lovely woman... And I must say the same about Domenica...she was cheerful and helpful and took charge of everything to make it all happen on time and smoothly....AND, she held my hand when I panicked...!!! Please thank her again for me... Again, I thank you for all your help....when we went into St. Mark's Square after the ceremony, it was something to see it all through the eyes of the tourists that were there...they all gathered around and took pictures and movies and said "Ohhhh" and "Ahhh".... Thank you....Thank you!!!"
Kelly and Rick

Paul & Janay
Wedding in Florence

Weddings testimonials"The wedding was on Thursday, this required most of Tuesday and half of Wednesday for paperwork. It would be impossible to accomplish this on your own. They (Regency) have all the necessary relationships in the various offices you need to go to. Also, they were extremely professional and efficient about handling this. On the wedding day we had a video tour of Italy with pictures. The video was edited superbly and the shots and locations were amazing.

For the price, I was shocked at the quality. The pictures were amazing also, andhe gave us the negatives at no extra charge. Some of the shots are simply incredible. I've never seen backgrounds and artistry in wedding photos, like these. They take pictures and shoot the video at Ponte Vecchio, Piazza le Michelangelo, Piazza le Signoria and a nice park near Piazza le Michelangelo. I'm really serious about the pictures and video -- Amazing!
From there, we were married in the ancient church on the hill in Artimino (1000 years old and beautiful). The Minister was fantastic. Not knowing the minister is a bit impersonal, but he was great. He looked the part perfectly, and the ceremony is a fantastic traditional Anglican service -- you can change a few things if you would like, but the ceremony is wonderful as is. Also, his voice is incredible, think James Earl Jones with a slight Italian accent. Our reception was also amazing. For a very reasonable price we had a reception for about 30 people on a terrace overlooking wineries and olive groves. The food was incredible, 7 courses, unlimited champagne and wine. The appetizers included caviar. The quests were extremely impressed and it cost about the same as serving chicken and one glass of white wine and cake in the States. We had an accordian player at the reception, this really added a lot.
All told, it was amazing! I would never change my decision to have my wedding in Italy and arranged by Regency San Marino. It was everything that I could have hoped for and far better than I anticipated."
Paul and Janay

Robert & Elizabeth
Amalfi Coast Wedding

Weddings testimonials"Both my wife and myself would like to thank you and everyone at Weddings in Italy Regency San Marino who made our wedding in Positano as wonderful as it was. Specifically, our deepest thanks to Paolo for helping us construct our itinerary, Daniela who helped us in Rome in securing all the proper paperwork for our wedding and Francesca in Positano who met us at the church and was with us throughout the ceremony.
We simply cannot convey how grateful we are for your help and for your staff's professionalism throughout the planning stages of the wedding as well as our stay in Italy. We look forward to seeing the wedding pictures and receiving the marriage license and wish you continued success! Thank you,"
Robert and Elizabeth

Robert & Jenny
Wedding in Tuscany

Weddings testimonials"We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in planning our wedding in Italy. You made it so easy for us to be able to have our dream come true and be married in Italy. You were so helpful with the planning of all of the details - everything from the church to the flowers, to arranging for the hairdresser that I needed to set my hair on our special day! You responded to all of our questions promptly and with the detail that we needed. Being from the United States, we were concerned about everything from the paperwork needed to what our church would look like - but you took care of everything and thanks for sending all the pictures to choose from!

In you we felt like we had found a friend. After meeting you in Florence, we knew that you would take care of anything that we needed. You went above and beyond what was in our contract, taking us to find Robert a tuxedo, walking me to the hairdressers so I wouldn't get lost, and most of all, offering to let Robert borrow your own wedding shoes - and bringing them to our hotel!! We really enjoyed our time with you. You did things for us that we really appreciated. Thank you for taking an extra trip to the church so we could see it before we got married there, and what a great idea to stop for a cappuccino on the way - that was the best cappuccino we had in all of Italy! You played the organ beautifully at the church and your singing was so professional. We highly recommend your company for anyone who is planning on getting married in Italy. We were so impressed with how easy you made it for us. You not only took care of all of the details that were necessary, but you made us feel like we had found new friends in Italy."
Best wishes,
Jenny and Robert

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