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Wedding Planners - Debora

Wedding Planners - Debora

Debora comes from a little town, Calcinelli, in the Pesaro/Urbino province in the Marche region of Italy. She graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia with a Foreign Language and Literature degree. Since commencing in the year 2001, she has coordinated several successful weddings using her language skills (in German, English and French) and her love of travel, people, sailing and, well, weddings! Qualified as a true wedding professional, Debora can assist in planning all facets of your wedding, removing some of the stress and suggesting the best spots for your dream wedding. She is quite known for her attention to specifics-always checking each detail of the event in order to organize it perfectly and very far in advance, keeping everything always perfectly under control. She personally likes visiting the wedding locations and areas in order to have the right idea of what she can suggest and arrange. She is very familiar with most of our collaborators throughout Italy and even if Italy is filled with plenty of picturesque spots, she is absolutely fond of the lake area (especially Lake Como), Venice, the Amalfi coast and Tuscany. Her favourite pastime is sailing and she is therefore so pleased every time she can arrange a wedding on a boat or on a sea/lake view location! Passion for her work, deep knowledge of the Italian territory, complicity and creative thinking (aside from having a very calm attitude) will surely accompany you up to and on your wedding day. Last but not least she is a sensitive and sweet-tempered person.

Some of my couples

Britta and Asi

Thanks for everything - for helping us in planning the wedding, making recommendations and suggestions, taking care of all the small details and being patient with us. Planning and working on a wedding could be tedious and stressful but we believe the result speaks for itself. People came to us and said they've never been in such an amazing wedding, such a romantic setting with great food and company. We hope you enjoyed your time too. Please send our regards and thanks to everyone involved including the great guys from the Villa (Samuel, Carolina), the florist, the reverent, and the San Jacopo restaurant.

It was a dream wedding!!

Ashley and Robert

My husband and I couldn't have gotten married this past April without the help of Debora from Weddings Italy she was incredible throughout the entire wedding planning process. She made us feel like we were the only couple she was working with, when I know she had weddings most weekends leading up to ours! It was important to us to be married in a beautiful setting outside and she went to great lengths to helped us find the absolute best location. I told her what I had envisioned and she provided me with thoughtful and specific options that made our wedding day everything I had hoped for. We were married a small northern town of Orta San Giulio, and every aspect of our wedding day was amazing. On top of making us feel tended to, she was incredibly easy to work with.

Wedding Italy has created an amazing business and was without a doubt the most invaluable addition to our wedding.
A huge thanks from the Congemi's
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