Music, sports, Theatre, food in Tuscany

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Music, sports, theatre, food in Tuscany

Discover Tuscany during your Italian honeymoon is a totally exciting experience. Any season is the right season for a wedding in Tuscany!
The Palio in Siena

There is no horse race in Italy as famous as the Palio in beautiful medieval Siena. Twice-yearly, there is a 90 second stampede around the beautiful Piazza del Campo, in which jockeys from ten "contrade" (city wards or defined neighborhoods) battle against each other as part of a 800 year old tradition.
Races are held in July and August. During palio days is very difficult to find out accommodation for your wedding, so our advice is to reserve a year in advance your wedding in Siena, Tuscany.

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Chianti Wine Festival

Every year, the small Tuscan village of Montespertoli, is swamped by people coming to sample the year's vintage in the main square. May and June.
Chianti Wine Festival
We can suggest you a lot of wine festivals and nice parties during your honeymoon or your wedding in Tuscany

The Puccini Festival
of Torre del Lago

Around 40,000 music lovers come every year to the open-air theatre, just a stone's throw from the villa where Puccini lived. The festival is held in July and August. We have arranged Tuscany weddings in a charming villa close to the Villa Puccini and in the villa Puccini too.

Viareggio Carnival

Viareggio hosts the most spectacular Carnival in Italy. It is famous for its incredible floats. Viareggio in February.

Pistoia Blues

An open-air blues festival is held in the main piazza of this beautiful Tuscan town.

Italian Moto GP

Italians love their motorbikes as much as they do their cars in Formula Uno.
Italian Moto GP
The GP, held at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, is a truly exhilarating spectacle.

The Camellia Festival

Lucca, the ancient walled city, is one of Tuscany's most fascinating destinations. Soak up its vibrant atmosphere during the annual Camellia Festival, which runs in March.

Toscana Slow Food

Toscana Slow Food takes you through the valleys and villages of Tuscany, to taste the finest food and wine the region has to offer, all in the most stunning surroundings.
The Slow Food movement believes in preserving traditional foodways and educating people about local food.

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