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W 4 Balkanic Music - Klezmer Cod SV: 2686

W 4_Ethnic, Fusion, Worldbeat

Klezmer & Gipsy Quartet! A small  fanfare like a french orchestra with balkanic taste... They are mainly a group of musicians in constant search, hungry for sounds and rhythms that come from far away. They have done everything to create "their own sound", a way of interpreting the music and to communicate through music. Their shows are based on a large repertoire of interpretations, including some classic songs of  swing and jazz standards arranged in a gypsy way, as well as several songs from different musical traditions, from klezmer to tango and the music of the Balkans. The show that results is very dynamic: there are parts moved when the violin and the clarinet harmonize the way of a Eastern European fanfare.  

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PHONE from US: 011 378 941108 - from Europe: +378 941108