Wedding in Italy

E 1 Fountains Water and Fire Cod SV: 2726

E 1_Entertainment

Water is a positive element, noble, elegant transmitting vitality and freshness.The show of dancing fountains today has become a show of trend and is in great demand. And a form of entertainment suitable to attract, excite and impress all the people.Every water show is a dance of real emotions and feelings, a mixture of energy that gives moments of unforgettable vitality. The viewer can only be impressed with by this vortex overwhelming of fantasy, music and passion."Water and Fire in a vortex of emotions intertwine and push themselves up to heaven in a whirlwind of emotions that leave the viewer full of wonder but aware of taking part in a show uncommon.To add to the wonder, always the element that contrasts water: fire. In an alternation of sacred and profane, the fire and water they are complicit in a dance that enhances the pace and drags viewers by showing vitality, strength, warmth and energy.

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