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Italy has so much to offer; the stunning historical monuments of Rome, the outstanding Renaissance beauty of Florence; the romantic honeymooning ambience of Venice, the stylish boutiques of Milan, Florence, Rome, Capri; the sun soaked shores of the Amalfi coast and the rolling hills of Tuscany the best region for weddings and wine .

From the northern snow-clad Alps to the Southern seas, Italy has always been a melting pot of cultures, languages, traditions; a complex universe of distinctive landscapes and colors...Italy really has a bit of everything from Alpine mountains to some of the most exclusive resorts in Europe such as the Italian Riviera and the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is called "il Belpaese" (it means "beautiful country"), due to the beauty and variety of its landscapes and for having the world's largest artistic patrimony. Infact Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Weddings in Italy - Regency San Marino can arrange weddings in all Unesco world Heritage sites. A journey or a honeymoon to Italy means experiencing glorious Tuscan vineyards, medieval hilltowns, superb cuisine and wines and of course wonderful shopping such as that offered by Prada, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Cavalli.

Wellness and beauty SPA in Italy
Italy is one of those corners in the world where there is the largest number of natural thermal spots and therefore spas, offering a stay which conjugates the great successes for the body shape, with relax, all held in spots of rare beauty.L'Andana SPA, La Bagnaia, The Castello del Nero SPA are our preferred wellness spa in Italy.
  • Wellness SPA in Italy - Wellness programs, Health and Wellness Products, Diet Restaurant. A selection of best SPA resort.

Italian Art & Museums
Italy has been blessed with many great architects, painters and sculptors. There is Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Palladio to name a few.

Italy is adorned with many beautiful and amazing architectural delights created by many of the great artists throughout time. Florence is the cradle of Renaissance; the city still retains its classical elegance and the charm of its majestic past with its beautifully preserved medieval architecture and Renaissance art at its most breathtaking. In Florence you can find the glorious Uffizi gallery, one of the most important art's museums in the world.

Rome is a marvellous and beautiful city, perfectly situated amongst an unlimited number of sites and monuments that give the city tremendous character. The Vatican Museums is a gorgeous collection of masterpieces inside the Vatican City.

Venice, with its centuries-old glorious history, its unique natural surroundings, and its artistic richness, all make this city an extraordinary place. The system of the Musei Civici Veneziani is constituted by an organic complex of buildings and collections of immense artistic and historical value.

Food & Wine
The Italian Cuisine is the most appreciated all over the world and an ever increasing number of people are willing to discover the joys of learning the secrets of Italian dishes and recipes. There are a lot of valuable cooking classes and culinary tours. They offer their customers an exclusive program of visits, excursions and high-performance cooking classes hosted by professional and creative chefs.

Viticulture, grapes and wine have been an integral part of Italian civilization for almost three millennia, since the ever mysterious Etruscans moved into the territory and settled. They had a culture in which wine and food played a central role.

It's also possible to organize wine tours and tastings in the Wine Cellars of Castles and Farms where you can take part in tours led by experts who will explain the characteristics of their wines and will tell you the histories of their estates. These estates often have very rich and long histories of a glorious past. You can taste delicious snacks of typical local products like salamis, cheeses, and "crostini", often made on the property, along with these prestigious wines and extraordinary olive oil.

But not only this. It's also possible to organize itineraries to discover the culinary traditions of Italy typical in every area, in inns and restaurants, many of which are located in historical buildings, where you can taste traditional local dishes, often based on Medieval recipes.

  • - Enjoy an Italy cooking class in the heart of Italy's culinary tradition! Wine tasting tour, Italian restaurants, Cooking school, Shopping tour.

Italian Culture in the world
... the resource for enthusiasts of Italian culture ...

One cannot help falling in love with Italy... Italy is a precious casket full of artistic masterpieces admired every year by millions of tourists coming from all over the world. It is the cradle of the Western civilisation, the pleasure of enjoying the finest cuisine, ancient flavours, great music; it is the birthplace of many important personalities who have distinguished themselves in different fields for their creativity and brilliance.

So much splendour of culture, art and joy of living lies in the heart of those who have had the chance to visit it and in the heart of those who dream of travelling to Italy or those hoping to return, one day, in their fathers' land.

We invite Italy lovers to join them on an unforgettable tour through Italy, an exploration of one of the world's most popular European travel destinations discovering, region by region, the infinitely rich and varied cultural and historic traditions of Italy.

  • The resource for Italians, Italian Americans and enthusiasts of Italian cooking, travel, language and culture

Musical Events
It's music to ours ears!
Music fads come and go but great music lasts forever.

For music lovers travelling in Italy, here follow some of the main Italian theatres with outstanding concert and opera events: La Scala in Milan, the newly reopened Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the Arena in Verona. Concerts and operas with great performers, world-famous orchestra directors and musicians as well as magnificent arrangements are to be found at these theatres. Tickets can often be purchased on-line by visiting the theatre websites or musical portals like Musical Events in Italy,.

Italian Language Courses
Study Italian in Italy - Cultural Courses in Florence, Lucca Cortona! Italian courses for international students in Florence, throughout the year. Residential summer courses are also available in Calabria, in the south of Italy.

Recommended Accommodation
most glorious, most beautiful accommodation all over Italy.

In each region you can find accommodation and restaurants so as to ensure your vacation in Italy includes the very best of Italian culture and hospitality.

You can book your accommodation in gorgeous villas located in the most suggestive places or you can book accommodation in lovely B&B situated in the heart of the most important art towns in Italy or you can relax in farmhouses where you will enjoy the splendour and quietness of Tuscan country.

Whether you choose to stay at Villa La Vedetta a luxury hotel in Florence, one of Italy romantic historical centres or in an elegant rural residence in the gloriously peaceful countryside, all accommodation are chosen for their fabulous locations. Hotels in Italy are renowned for their superb decor and their exquisite cuisine, and can pride themselves on a long standing reputation for quality, courtesy, and truly impeccable service.


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