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Ferrari 360 Modena

The 360 Modena is a clean-sheet design which anticipates trends for future Ferrari road car. These include lower weight combined with greater chassis rigidity - seemingly contrasting objectives that have been achieved by employing innovative construction technology. The 360 Modena is the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely in aluminium. Chassis, bodyshell and suspension wishbones are all made from this light-weight material, allowing the engineers to provide the best overall performance and handing ever achieved in a mid-engined Ferrari, along with levels of comfort unheard of before.

The 360 Modena was the 163rd Ferrari to be designed by Pininfarina and combines a successful mix of innovative design elements and styling solutions inspired by classic Ferraris, such as the 268 SP, the 250 LM and Dino. The car's finely balanced proportions cleverly hide at first glance the fact that it is mid-engined , as the passenger compartment is set almost centrally between the two axles, while the distinctive rear-end treatment leaves the engine in full view beneath the rear screen.

Ferrari 360 Spider
The 360 Spider is Ferrari's 20th road-going convertible and is a record breaker in two quite different ways. Without doubt it is the best spider Maranello has ever produced in terms of engineering, looks and performance. And, thanks to the exclusive experience Ferrari has accumulated as a Formula 1 constructor, it is the most technologically advanced convertible available today. Despite the car's mid-mounted V8 engine Ferrari's engineers have found a way of creating a hood that automatically folds away inside the engine bay, thus ensuring purity of live. The intrinsic quality of the design is underlined by the two fairings in the bodywork to the rear seats which evoke memories of classic sports cars. These are matched by the two roll bars that add the final touch to providing maximum safety for the car's two occupants.

With the hood up, the 360 Spider looks extremely aggressive, emphasising the car's rear mass with the V8 clearly visible through the clear glass engine cover. Lowering the fully automatic hood totally transforms the looks. Seen from the side, it closely resembles a sports racer, a sensation underline by the length of the rear engine bay, the twin roll bars, the rear fairings and a windscreen so steeply raked that it looks like a prolongation of the bonnet. The hood with its power mechanism stows away inside a special well set between the cabin and the engine, a feature that necessitated the re-design of all the air intakes and outlets.